Welcome to The Sanction Peoria!

Where people go to grow!

Our Mission:

Providing men, youth, and families with life sustaining solutions.

Our Vision:

Through resources & knowledge we teach, train and trust the process of growth for all life solutions.

Our Values:

The values we possess are the ones we aim to share: Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility & LOVE.

Our Founder

Robbie Criss Sr. president & founder of The Sanction, is an inspiring Youth Director,
C.E.O., music songwriter, producer and mentor. For over the last 20 years Mr. Criss has been
working diligently to motivate, reach and teach both children and adults the fundamentals
needed to change their lives and sustain growth and success. His ultimate goal is to continue to
pour into our community by equipping individuals and families with the tools and knowledge
needed both naturally and spiritually. In order to stop the continuous cycle of our generations
becoming products of their environment, we must invest within our own community first so that
one can become greater than.

His visionary perspective in general has earned him the opportunity to become the
Founder & President of his own community outreach program, “The Sanction”. Community
services such as housing opportunities, life coaching and job skills are provided.
Layered with knowledge and wisdom from his own life lessons and the desire to be more
than just a Voice but better yet an example to the Youth, Men and Women alike; Mr. Criss
strives to share his vision of possibilities for the future with the hundreds that he has inspired
over the years and works alongside on a daily basis.